Pathway Academy’s curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Curriculum State Standards (CCCS) so students will be eligible for Michigan diplomas. With the guidance of academy instructional staff, students will work in a blended-learning setting to master the skills necessary to meet those standards. The following are some of the notable characteristics of the instructional program that Pathways Academy will offer:

• Opportunities for accelerated credit recovery

• Flexible scheduling

• Blended learning

• Lab Managers and Highly Qualified Teachers

• Competency-Based (Mastery-Based Learning)

• Timely Support to Struggling students: Small-Group Targeted Instruction

• Individual Direct Instruction

• Proactively Motivate Students to Stay on Track for Course Completion

Individualized self-paced instruction will enhance the learning experience of the different types of learners. The web-delivered course content allows for personalization of instruction based on prescribed activities and content based on individual student performance on assigned pre-tests. Highly qualified teachers will also provide individualized direct teaching and additional support to students. Teachers with certifications in special education and ESL will provide individualized support to all participating exceptional students. Youth development principles inform the Pathways Academy pedagogy and curriculum so as to engage learners actively.

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