Zaynah, 15

zaynah15In fall of 2014, Zaynah was embarking on a new chapter in her young life. She had just graduated middle school and was about to start high school. She was scared and a little overwhelmed about starting her freshman year in a new school with new teachers and students. Her parents decided to enroll her in an online charter school to help alleviate her fear.
Zaynah enjoyed her online classes. She was able to work at her own pace; however, she lacked the motivation to fully succeed in her studies. She fell behind in her online classes and eventually stopped logging in which resulted in a visit from a school truancy officer for non-attendance in her online classes.

Something had to be done to make up the missed classes and help her catch up on her education. Her parents researched Detroit schools that offered summer classes and discovered Pathways Academy. Even though Pathways Academy’s students are primarily pregnant teens and young parents, Zaynah was accepted even though she wasn’t pregnant nor a mom.
She had four credits to make up her freshman year and through Pathways Academy’s blended learning approach; she was able to catch up by attending traditional classes mixed with online learning.
“Pathways Academy is teaching me to work independently,” said Zaynah. “That’s something that will help me as I transition back to an online school and ultimately, college.”
During her time spent at Pathways Academy, she discovered the STEM program which introduces careers in nursing and forensic science, and encourages young women, like Zaynah, to develop positive life and leadership skills. Zaynah received training in CPR and first aid, learned how to check a patient’s vital signs and how to give basic bedside nursing care.
“I like the STEM program because it encourages girls to be successful and to overcome your fears,” said Zaynah.
Even though Zaynah is a sophomore in high school, she’s already planning to study nursing after she graduates high school. Thanks to Pathways Academy and STEM, she has the skills and motivation to do just that.

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