Alexis, 20


Alexis was excited to start college and build a better life for herself and her family. She diligently filled out applications, submitted them to the admissions offices and patiently waited for responses. But, one by one, she received rejection letters. Each letter had a common theme…her high school diploma was not valid […]

Kourtney, 18


Kourtney is getting ready for her senior year of high school. This is not your typical morning school routine. She takes a final glance in the mirror and gathers her school books, diaper bag and her 9-month old son, Kylan. Kourtney heads out to meet the Pathways Academy Charter School van […]

Alicia, 19


Alicia was on track to graduate high school when she found out she was pregnant during her senior year. Homeless and scared with nowhere to turn, Alicia dropped out of school. She bounced around from friends’ houses to living on the streets to shelters. Alicia had a strong desire to finish high school, […]

Zaynah, 15

zaynah15In fall of 2014, Zaynah was embarking on a new chapter in her young life. She had just graduated middle school and was about to start high school. She was scared and a little overwhelmed about starting her freshman year in a new school with new teachers, […]

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